NAAC YouTube Channel Submission Guidelines


Length - No longer than 10 minutes

Ages - 3 to 99

Skill level - All skill levels are encouraged

Requirements - Videos must feature at least one NAAC member. (Feel free to collaborate with other non-accordion musicians.)

How to submit your video

Email a downloadable link to your preferred file sharing program (Dropbox, Google share, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.)

Please do not send YouTube Video Links. 

Please include:

- Your name and where you’re from
- Name of any other performers in your video
- Title and composer of your piece
- A brief description of less than 100 words.

*Disclaimer* Videos containing graphic material, sexual content, adult themes, or profanity will be disqualified from being posted to the NAAC YouTube channel.

Your music and interests are the focus of this organization, please share them with us!