Educational Outreach Programs

Provide opportunities for instruments, information, and coaching to populations interested in learning accordion skills.

  • Youth Populations
  • College Populations
  • Adult Populations
  • Accordion & Music Educator Populations
  • Specific Cultural Populations
    • Ethnic populations
    • Immigrant populations


International Accordion Initiative

The accordion has a rich and varied history in Europe and around the world. The International Accordion Initiative (IAI) creates a liaison between the U.S. and other nations, drawing on the wealth of resources from other established accordion cultures, in order to build educational and performance opportunities in North America. 

By facilitating performances, demonstrations, workshops and master classes given by artists and teachers from abroad, the IAI will develop opportunities for accordionists in North America.

Accordion Access Program

NAAC will provide students, educators and programs access to accordions. To obtain the accordions needed, NAAC will work with collaborators to implement Instrument Drives. 

Collaboration on Instrument Drives

The NAAC has identified the need to provide accordions both for instruction and for practice to students interested in learning how to play the accordion. To fulfill this need, the NAAC will locate potential collaborators in various geographic areas willing to assist in publicizing and jointly coordinating drives to collect used accordions from donors in the local community who have accordions they no longer play, and to evaluate those instruments for suitable condition for student use. Additionally, the NAAC will collaborate with accordion teachers and school music programs to loan or, as appropriate, to give the instruments to accordion students. With each drive, the NAAC will evaluate the process to better establish means to provide accordions to those wanting to learn how to play the instrument.

NAAC Recording Program

In an effort to promote accordion music and create performance opportunities for members, the NAAC proposes to provide a platform for compiling recordings of members music and to make these available through existing on-line music distribution sites. The initial platform will be a NAAC member Youtube channel. 

The Youtube channel will be an informal means of compiling members performances. Submissions to the channel will be curated and must feature performances of NAAC members. Performances may be either solo or ensemble pieces and all musical genres are encouraged. The only musical requirement is that the piece must feature a member playing the accordion. NAAC forums will provide opportunities for members to collaborate as well as explore new music, gear, and recording techniques.