Meet Up Recap from 3-29-17

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Last week on Wednesday March 29 at 8:30 EST we hosted the first NAAC online meet up. We had 39 members in attendance and the meeting was scheduled for an hour and a half. Our primary objective was to hear member ideas regarding our performance opportunities and education projects. 

Meeting Synopsis

1.  After a brief meet and greet I led the discussion regarding performance opportunities.

Online and virtual performance opportunities were brought up by a few different members and ideas included:  

  • online streaming concert series
  • virtual accordion orchestras
  • online mini concerts
  • virtual music festivals

Other topics covered were:

  • creating lending libraries of instruments
  • libraries of orchestrations to help facilitate smaller accordion ensembles

2. Next on the agenda was the NAAC education program. This dialogue was facilitated by President Dallas Vietty.

Perspectives presented by our members included:

  • the need for quality teachers
  • teacher training programs
  • quality teaching curriculum
  • getting accordions into university music programs
  • looking outside of our current musical circles to find more casual accordion players
  • creating an online education video series as well creating a qualified list of accordion educators

3. Our final point of order was to ask our members what they want for our organization and for the North American accordion community as a whole.

Our members voiced a desire for an increased availability of instruments: 

  • grant proposals
  • for all of our events to have an educational perspective
  • to make greater efforts to diversify our community by including Mexican and Canadian accordionists in our programs and activities

This meeting was such an energizing and exciting experience and I would greatly encourage members who want a chance to share their ideas and perspectives to attend our next online meetup. 

Register now for the next meetup on May 7, 2017 7p Eastern/4p Pacific.


-Gabe Hall-Rodrigues NAAC Secretary

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