Charlie Schueller


Board member Charlie Schueller brings his passion for the accordion as well as decades of experience as an IT Manager of the World Bank to the USIAO team.

USIAO board member Charlie Schueller is an accordion and keyboard player based in the Washington DC Area. Retired from his earlier career as an IT Manager for the World Bank, he devotes most of his time these days to music. A member of the bands Djangolaya, Yazoozazz, CSQ, Charlie is a co-organizer of the DC Gypsy Jazz Meetup Group, and enjoys jamming with many musicians in the DC and Baltimore area, as well as attending Django in June annually. His last assignment at the World Bank was that of online community manager IT practitioners, and he is now adapting that experience to musical communities, on-line forums and event organizing.

Charlie’s accordion journey began at age 13 and went dormant shortly thereafter when the instrument became “uncool”. About 3 years ago he decided to take it up again and it has changed his life. A student of Dallas Vietty, Charlie is excited to see young people taking interest in the accordion again and exploring new musical possibilities for the instrument. While he loves traditional forms of accordion music, Charlie is also a huge fan of jazz fusion and multi-cultural music and hopes to see some of the old stereotypes of the accordion supplanted by new and innovative approaches.